Fun times

What the hell am I supposed to do when this happens? I've had the 360 less than a year, and bought it new from Argos. Will I get this console repaired, a refurbished replacement, or a brand new console?

I've taken such good care of it too, and only just got a live gold account, and a wireless adapter.


Anonymous said...

AND a new second controller!

Mafro said...

Hmmm, since you have had it for under a year can't you just get a replacement from Argos?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Lewie, just phone up the xbox support number on their website. They send out a box for you to ship it to them in (paid for) and they UPS it back to you tout suite once it's fixed, again free of charge.

Mine didn't get fixed, it got replaced. Took about a month but i got given a free 1 month live gold card, presumably to make up for the month of live i had paid for and lost out on.

Chin up lad,


Anonymous said...

Get a PS3 :3

Anonymous said...

Matthew is correct. If the product is less than a year old then the retailer is legally obliged to accept the return of the product.

LewieP said...

I would prefer to just get a new console from Argos, but wouldn't I loose my saves and anything I have got on the Live Arcade, since it would be tied to the console?

Is there any way you guys can think of getting around that?

Anonymous said...

Ask Argos to let you keep your hard drive. Then you'll have all your saves and downloaded games. However, you'll now have to be online and signed into your profile whenever you want to play any paid-for content.

Anonymous said...

If you bought it less than a year ago it should be a 'Falcon' 360 which most of the forums on the internet INSIST is RROD-proof. I guess they would say you're one of the minority.

Sorry this happened to you (espesially at this time of year). I suggest as it's under year old you get your money back from Argos and buy a new 'Jasper' 360 which is apparantly even better, lol!

Anonymous said...

If argos will do a straight swap then it'll be fine as all your saves are tied to your hard drive and xbox live ID not the console itself.

When you send a duffer back to microsoft they specifically tell you to remove the hard drive for just this reason.

Swapping with argos would be the fastest way, but I can tell you right now as an ex-employee that if you don't have your receipt you're probably going to have to do a lot of yelling. oh and you'll need all the original box and manuals and controller and etc too.

P.S don't forget to remove the game! I got a free copy of age of empires 2 with my second hand ps2 cos some doofus left it in. pity it's a piss-poor port.


Anonymous said...

You can simply transfer the license of your purchased downloads to your new console. It's a very simple process and takes about 2 minutes. See:

Regarding your other questions, just see the support info at There is plenty of useful information available.

Anonymous said...

Here's a direct link to the license transfer page:

But if you send your console to Microsoft to be fixed, they will do the transfer for you.