Saints Row 2, PS3 - £17.99

Argos have Saints Row 2 for the PS3 for £19.99, and PC World will price match plus 10% of the difference off. PC World are currently selling it for £39.99, and by my maths that comes out as £17.99 when bought in-store.

Print off this page and ask for the pricematch in-store.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the PC world price match. It used to say on their website that they'd also price match websites (and listed them, stating it excluded TV's from some) however now it only mentions store's within a certain radius of the PC World. I'm assuming this means they won't price match websites anymore?

LewieP said...

They basically removed all the Web only sites, the biggest loss was

Currently, they still match deals like web exclusive prices from Comet, assuming it is in stock either online or locally, just they won't match stuff that is only available "collect in store" inless it is in stock in a local store.

Since this deal is only available for collection (you would have to add P&P for Argos you see), you have to check that a local Argos has stock. Whenever I capitalise on a deal like this, I check for stock in the Teeside Park Argos, and if it is in stock there, I go to the PC World also in Teeside park. If there is no stock within 30 miles, or they can't give you the exact offer online, PC World won't match it.

Anonymous said...

just to say it does work as the argos offer is available in stores which is what pc world check to offer the price match