The SavyGamer Podcast, Episode 7

Lucky number seven - the SavyGamer Podcast is getting closer and closer to being available when advertised. This week has pretty much been Nintendo Week and so we address that pretty thoroughly. Also this week - games that annoy us! I'm also toying with a new style of shownotes for this week - let me know what you think.

Show notes (Highlight to view):
00:00 Opening
00:37 Welcome
01:04 NEW PODCAST RSS FEED. Please update your feeds according to the details in this post.
02:40 Actually talking about games!
54:10 What we've we've been playing
1:07:35 Bargain of the Week
The Red Star, Burnout Paradise
1:12:14 Contest winners!
1:16:31 Meet the SavyGamers in London this month!
1:08:27 Close
1:18:36 Bonus: Excerpt from Two Drink Mike, by comedian Mike Birbiglia

Contest winners:

Congratulations to Caroline, who won entry into the LittleBigPlanet beta. Her entry really captured what a Sackboy(girl?) is all about and the detail was extraordinary.

Click to view full version

And congratulations to Alex, who has won a copy of the Collector's Edition for Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode 1. Here is his comic entry:

Click to view full version
(NSFW, expletives)
Entry based on this comic (also NSFW, expletives)

Link dump:
Joystiq's coverage of Nintendo's Media Summit
DSi in Europe Spring 2009?
Clarification: Wii games can be saved to SD, but not read from.
Experience issue in Halo is now fixed
Screenshots from our Annual run
The Pandora

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Total Filesize: 73.8MB

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Pekka Kujansuu said...

Just go buy Mega Man 9. The level in the demo is the hardest one in the game. That third elephant is a total bastard. You're better off going back to that level when you've got some better weapons from the other robot masters.
I've been playing the Wii version, and I'm now at the (potential spoiler if you've never played a Mega Man game) Wily battle in the end. And by the way, it bugs the hell out of me that my save game is actually at the beginning of Wily's castle instead of at the last stage of Wily's castle. Then again, it's still better than back in the day with no save games... but it's still annoying. In any case, it's classic Mega Man fun all the way if you aren't afraid of a challenge and some pattern memorization.

Anonymous said...

Game that annoys me:

Cthulhu Nation

Anonymous said...

That comic edit is just sheer brilliance. :D

Will Templeton said...

Thanks Pekka - out of a twist of fate I actually got a review copy of MM9 shortly after I posted the show and so I'm going to be talking about it this week. Once you get used to the pattern the elephant gets easier - I can usually get to Concrete Man only taking a few points of damage - but defeating him with only the Mega Buster is going to take some doing :)