London Games Festival GO!

London Games Festival is about to kick off, and as you may know, me and Willeth will be there, and we'd love to see some of you guys if you're going to be there.

Here's the (provisional) events I'm going to be at:

Video Games Live
- 24th
A Live concert with Tommy Tallarico, Jack Wall, and the English Chamber Orchestra performing classic and contemporary Video Game music at the Royal Festival Hall. I'll be at the 4pm showing.

DS World Record
- 25th
I'll be helping set a new record for most DS players together in one place, at the Rocket Centre at London Metropolitan University at 4pm.

LittleBigPlanet - Covent Garden - 26th
I'm probably gonna check out the 'creative workshops' in covent garden, and see if I can do/make something cool.

Eurogamer Expo 2008 - 28-29th
The big event, I'm going to be playing as much as I can, definitely RE5, Left4Dead and Fallout 3. Career Fair - 28-29th
I may also try and get a job

Rock Paper Shotgun: THE LONDON THINKOSIUM - 28th
I'll be at the Alphabet Bar, I'm sure this is going to be a right laugh.

If you can't make it to any of the festival, I'll be record as much of it as I can, so watch this space. If you are going to be about, shoot me an email on, and we'll have to meet up!