Xbox 360 Price Drop

Looks like Woolies is going to be dropping the price of their Xbox 360 consoles.

£129.99 for the Arcade
£169.99 for the Premium (60gb)
£229.99 for the Elite

Here's a photo, supposedly from a Woolies employee. This would be in line with their recent price drops, if you remember they dropped the Wii to £159.99.

Now, I can't guarantee this will work, but if you want to try and trick the system and reserve yourself a console, so you can be sure to have one, this might help.

If you order one over the phone (0844 811 7111) they will hold it for you, so you can just turn up and pay and collect it on a set day. They will hold onto items for some time (if I remember correctly, a week), so if you order one now, they will give you a date for when you can collect it. Then, you can wait for the price drop, and just turn up and ask for it at the lower price when the price drop does happen. If the price drop doesn't happen any time soon (since I can't say when this will happen), no matter, you can just cancel the order, and not have to pay a penny.

Thanks to Engadget for the heads up. Stay tuned for SavyGamer for more on this as it becomes available.