Xbox 360 Price Drop now official

As reported previously, the Xbox 360 will be getting a price drop.

It is, however, not just a retailer specific promotion, but an official Microsoft pricedrop, coming into effect on the 19th of September.

The new official prices for the Xbox 360 are as follows -
£129.99 for the Arcade
£169.99 for the Premium (60gb)
£229.99 for the Elite

Neil Thompson, senior regional director of Microsoft UK had this to say -

"Xbox 360 has now sold over 20 million consoles worldwide and due to its unprecedented success, we are now able to pass on the rewards of that success to the consumer with a new retail pricing from £129.99.

With more games, more entertainment with Xbox Live and now even more value, we are looking forward to welcoming more customers into the leading next generation console, Xbox 360."

I'll be keeping an eye out for clearance prices on old 20gb stock, if anyone has any stock left that is.

As it is though, that's a cracking price drop, to be honest I thought the 360 was already pretty reasonably priced, but the 19th is going to be the perfect time to pick up a 360.