The SavyGamer Podcast, Episode 5

Severely pushing the meaning of 'Every Friday', it's the SavyGamer Podcast! This week we announce a load of contest winners and interview some instrumental folks at Introversion about developing Multiwinia and their stance on digital distribution and DRM.

Show notes (Highlight to view):
00:00 Opening
00:36 WELCOME!
01:22 Contest talk - you still have time to enter
07:00 GRcade affiliation
09:55 Professionalism!
11:43 Multiwinia is out 'today' (Bear in mind this show was supposed to come out on Friday :S)
13:41 Interview with Chris Delay, Creative Director at Introversion
28:50 End of interview
29:54 The weekly Burnout chat
37:13 Mirror's Edge release date and demo details
39:12 Life with PlayStation
39:55 Home video sharing no longer happening
42:04 Fable money exploit
44:25 We're making segue now
46:42 Portal Prelude - why isn't there a Portal level editor?
49:13 Sonic 2 HD tech demo
52:15 The Sonic Cycle. Apparently?
53:11 The problem with Sonic
57:15 Where the hell did Pokémon Platinum come from?
1:03:12 Lewie's passionate about business
1:03:51 Interview with Thomas Arundel, Commercial Director for Introversion
1:18:10 End of interview

1:19:20 What we've been playing
1:20:00 Rock Band surprise just around the corner
1:22:01 More Multiwinia!
1:24:55 Pure demo - four letter games!
1:28:41 Bargain of the week!
STALKER, Dragon Quest: CotC, Beyond Good and Evil, Rockstar Table Tennis
1:41:09 360 price drop
1:48:30 Close

Link dump:
Press Start Online
Introversion Development Blog
Portal Prelude
Sonic 2 HD
The Sonic Cycle
There is actually a game called 'Race'.

Total Runtime: 1:48:39
Total Filesize: 99.5MB

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