SavyGamer is proud to announce the launch of a new partnership

You might have noticed a new link up there on the top right, here's what's going on:

Long version:
On Thursday the 14th of August, GamesRadar, the general games site for Future Publications, announced that they would be shutting down the GamesRadar UK forums, and politely requested that every sod off to the USA GamesRadar forums.

The community of the GamesRadar forum rejected that, and from the ashes of GamesRadar has risen a new independent forum. GRcade.

This new forum is not directly connected to any main site, it is just a forum for people who love "Games + Stuff". There is no corporate backing, and the only reason it exists is because the old GamesRadar community wanted to stick together.

Now, to ensure that there was a constant flow of new members to keep the community alive, it was decided that they would tie to other sites with links to the GamesRadar community, and so arose the idea for "Official Partner sites", one of which is SavyGamer (the other two are D+PAD and Press Start Online). The idea is that I link to them, and they link back to me, hence the banner for SavyGamer on GRcade.

However, I want to take that idea even further.

I'd love for you guys to register at GRcade, and I will be exploring loads of different ways for the community here and there to interact with each other. I'll be linking to threads in GRcade when it's relevant, and if there's any interest, I'll be offering opportunity for GRcade forumers to contribute to SavyGamer in a range of ways. If you do register, maybe put something in your sig mentioning that you've come from SavyGamer so that people know where you've come from.

Short Version:
Awesome new forum! Check it out!

Boring legal stuff:
There is a great mod team, but SavyGamer is in no way responsible for the content of GRcade. Opinions represented in GRcade don't necessarily represent those of SavyGamer.


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awesome to see :D