Reconfirming the Morrison's deal

OK guys, I am pretty certain that the Morrison's deal is going to be happening, not only that, but it is going to include Wii and DS games too.

It will be any chart 360 or PS3 game for £25, any chart Wii game for £15 and any chart DS game for £12.

The big titles will probably sell out really fast, so I suggest going first thing on Monday morning to avoid disappointment.


Anonymous said...

Damn Morrisons for not having any stores in newport ¬¬

Anonymous said...

do they have online?

LewieP said...

Yeah, it's a shame to miss out on this deal...

Also something to bear in mind if you don't usually shop in Morrison's, not al of them sell games, but I think most do.

They don't have online sadly.

Mike said...

I wonder if Wii fit is in the charts tomorrow then!

I also wonder what Morrisson's definition of 'chart' is, though I'll be heading down tomorrow just in case!

Anonymous said...

weak... I'll check my local, 30minute walk :'(

So 25 for Mercs2 maybe

Anonymous said...

here's the ps3 games on sale for £25 as of tomorrow (confirmed by employee)..

Mercenaries 2
Tiger Woods 09
Metal Gear
Soul Caliber
Battlefield Bad Company

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant Grid not Grade

Unknown said...

Just got lego indiana for the wii, £15, thanks for the tip!

I saw guitar hero on the DS was included, bargain for £12 including the grip.

A Leeds Cyclist said...

There were more but these are the ones I remember:


Brawl - £15
Lego Indiana Jones - £15
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - £15


Same as the gent above listed for the PS3 (obviously with the exclusion of MGS4) but Too Human was in there as well.

I snapped up Grid on the PS3, cheapest price I've seen it at yet.

Dave said...

Just picked up Tiger Woods 09 on the 360 for £25. Mercenaries 2 was sold out, will try another store tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip, I would never have been aware of this otherwise!

Joe said...

Got Brawl for £15... scratched, wouldn't run. Got it replaced. Scratched. Works for 5 minutes or so.