Bakushow, DS - Review

Bakushow, DS - £24.99 delivered

Review by LewieP

I first booted up Bakushow, and found to great surprise that there is no single player mode. That's fine though, I'm not going to discriminate against a game for being multiplayer only. I will say this though, the packaging should certainly be more explicit in telling you that if you only have access to one DS it is basically just a title screen.

Not that there is much else here even if you do have multiple players.

There is absolutely nothing to Bakushow that could not be done, in many ways better, with Pictochat, or hell, even a pencil and paper. There is essentially no game here whatsoever.

The game, if you can call it that, is that players take turns to write or draw something on the DS, then all players must answer the 'challenge' within a set time period. Then players vote for who answered it best.

Then you do it again.

And again.

That's it. There are no built in challenges, there are no minigames, there is nothing.

If you are playing with just two people, then the voting system is broken, because each player just votes for themselves continually. Resulting in player 1 winning by virtue of being player 1.

I kept searching for an extra mode or something, and found nothing. I genuinely thought I had somehow missed the actual game, but alas, I had just played it all already and not realised.

I am utterly shocked that anyone had the disrespect for their players to put this on a cartridge and charge Twenty Five Pounds for it.

The only thing Bakushow succeeds in is making you wish Nintendo had of put a few more features in Pictochat.

According to the guys who made it - "If you think this game is boring, you are boring." That is not how things work. They do not have the right to say this. I think Bakushow is boring because it is a bad game, no other reason. Since when have developers been able to put out disclaimers regarding your opinion?

Do not buy Bakushow, please. In fact, if you see anyone in GAME (since that's the only retailer that will dare to sell it) pick it up off the shelf, I implore you to tell them not to buy it. Bakushow is contentless shovelware, there is no game there whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, I shall make sure to keep people away from it ^__^

Hazz said...

£25?! Bloody hell.

Anonymous said...

I'm in, might even kick the game boxes under the shelf when no ones looking :P

Anonymous said...

While were at it Picto Image looks like another no game piece of shovel ware. I feel so sorry for people that pick up a DS to try out gaming and end up with these games...especially kids getting bought games by un-informed parents

Shirley said...

Yep, I "played" it with Lewie. Its rubbish. Extreme rubbish.