SavyGamer Podcast RSS Feed Now Available!

I've just set up an RSS feed for the new SavyGamer podcast. Simply enter the normal RSS feed (this one here) into iTunes (by clicking 'Subscribe to Podcast' in the Advanced menu) or your favourite podcatcher and it'll automatically download the podcast every Friday, as soon as it's posted.

Personally, I recommend Juice. You can schedule it to check for new downloads whenever you want and it'll keep track of your previously downloaded files and only grab the most recent one, even if you delete the file itself.

We're still working on getting the feed added to the iTunes Music Store, but as soon as it is I will post it here.

Remember that we're still looking for a name for the show! If your entry is successful, you'll win $40 of Play-Asia credit. Listen to the podcast to find out how to enter!


A Leeds Cyclist said...

I vote for the intentionally terrible:

- "Savyinformer"
- "Computer Using Northerners Talk Savy" The abbreviation may be an issue however.
- "Deals, diatribes and digressions" (Because everyone loves alliteration and it isn't at all tacky)
- "Buy Gamers, for gamers" because you do bargains which people "buy". Gettit? Or if you get another two people involved you could have:
- "Buy Gamers, four gamers".

I'll get my coat.