Mass Effect, Xbox 360 - £9.99

Mass Effect, Xbox 360 - £9.99 Collect in store

I think this is a clearance, but there seems to be plenty of stock.

Thansk to Xush for the tip off.


Even better, head to PC world armed with this printout, and get them to pricematch + 10% of the difference. Since they are charging £32.99 for it, by my maths it should come to £7.69 after the pricematch.


Anonymous said...

Great deal. Interestingly the site also has one of the worst deals I've ever seen

LewieP said...

Heh, a while back I got that free with a 360 premium for £180.

Fuzion Frenzy 2 is really terrible, I don't like racing sims, kameo is pretty terrible and I don't really like Viva Pinata. Still though, £180 was the cheapest price for a 360 at the time anyway.

Anonymous said...

The 10% extra only works after you buy the game and then show them within 7 days as I found out when I did a similar thing with a TV last year. If you go in before purchase they'll just give you the same price.

LewieP said...

That's not my experience of the policy. I just this Sunday got Sega Rally on the 360 for £8 when their price was £30 and Asda were selling it for £10. Same with a 2gb SD card, with the same prices. You can check out the policy in detail here here. Maybe it was an inexperianced member of staff that spoke to you, or where you trying to pricematch to somewhere that excludes Televisions?

Maybe next time take a printout of the policy to back you up.