I am excited about this game

This game looks really fun. It's made for all of us who winge on about games just being brown these days.

From what I can tell, it's one part Katamari, one part platformer with a spot of light combat thrown in.

It is based on a PC freeware game made by a bunch of highly talented Dutch students at Utrecht University, which can still be downloaded here. It's changed a fair bit since then, but I certainly think for the better.

It is an exclusive, for the Wii too, and a proper game too.

Ignore what the Video says about the release date, I have it from THQ that it's set for a September 26th release.


Unknown said...

Yeh I remember seeing a tech demo of this a while ago. Looks totally sweet.

Bill said...

Bloody gorgeous that is.

I'm all over it.