Wiimote - £24.99

Wiimote - £24.99 delivered


Anonymous said...

Is it me, or have things dried up a bit? Could we get some handheld gems going maybe lewiep?

LewieP said...

I'm trying

I had around 48 hours of downtime, I just moved back from Uni to my parents for summer earlier than I had expected, since a mate offered me a lift. This means I left my PC at my Uni house, although I will be picking it up when I go to register next week.

But also, I am limited to what good deals retailers have, if there is any specific titles you're interested in, let me know!

Although I would definitely get PaRappa the Rapper at this price.

Anonymous said...

Dont get me wrong, Your doing well. I just havnt found anything of interest on here for a while, its me really. When you get some time, possibly some old gba classics hiding somewhere?