Updated RSS feed

If I have done this right, I should have updated to a new RSS feed. The new feed can be found here, and it is also on the right sidebar. This feed should have slightly faster performance, but the main reason I have switched is that it will give me a better idea of how many people read SavyGamer just by RSS, which beforehand I had no idea about.

I guess it's market research to some degree, but I hope no one minds. If anyone has any trouble with the new feed, or if anyone would like to not be counted, send me an email or comment here and I'll see if I can keep both feeds going, one completely anonymous, and one which gives me some pretty basic information (literally just numbers of subscribers and clicks, that sort of thing).


Or possibly I completely misunderstood how this works. Don't change anything yet, gimme a minute to check I have done this right.

Yeah, ignore me, I have updated the old address to forward to the new feed, you don't need to change anything at all. If any of you would prefer to stay completely anonymous, I recommend checking out ANObrowse, which includes and anonymous RSS reader.

Let me know if any of you experience any problems with the changeover.