Update those bookmarks!

I am no longer small time!

SavyGamer is now free of the .blogspot shackles, as I have managed to secure a .co.uk domain for SavyGamer. All old links should still redirect correctly, so don't worry too much, but you might want to switch to the new address in your bookmarks, since it will be a little faster.

You can now contact me at LewieP@savygamer.co.uk if you even want to email me with requests, or indeed just to say hi.

Big thanks to Grim... over at Be Excellent to Each Other forums for helping me set it up <3

The RSS feed is unaffected by this, although you might get a load of old posts come up as unread from when the changeover occurred, but new posts will be unnaffected.



Shirley said...

Whohoo! There'll be no stopping you now! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

That would be 'Grim...' =]

LewieP said...


Anonymous said...

Not the best of starts. I'm getting 'server not found' & 'Error 404'. Hope you get it sorted soon.

LewieP said...

Yeah, it's not been a smooth transition. I think I know what's up, just bear with me.