SSBB: Warning

I just got a PAL-release copy of Brawl, and I thought I'd let you know that nothing from the US game is compatible. You cannot use your previous save, you will get a new Friend Code, and you can't even load custom levels between each version of the game.

I can't fathom who thought this was a good idea. Either it's just a byproduct of the Freeloader, or it's someone at Nintendo who thought 'importers? F them one more time!'




Anonymous said...

Its none of the sort.

The Wii saves are basically a directory with files in. The directory is the game code (you know something like RVL-RBWE-USA).

In that games case RBWE is the name of the save directory for the US version. While the PAL version is RBWP (P for PAL, E for English and J for Japan).

With Brawl it might be possible to salvage stuff using the save extractor homebrew and that doesn't encrypt the save into content.bin...

Anonymous said...

Why would you expect it to be compatible? Unless you know something I don't, it is quite usual for game saves to be region locked just the same as software.