Space Invaders Extreme, DS - £12.93

Space Invaders Extreme, DS - £12.93 delivered

If you were ever going to buy a game just from my recommendation, make it this one. Not only is it dirt cheap at release, but it is bloody good.

I don't care if you like(d) Space Invaders. This is not the same game as Space Invaders. It is pretty, it sounds fantastic, it is a really modern design. I cannot sing it's praises highly enough. I imported it, and I am thinking of rebuying the UK release, it's that good.

Check out this trailer:


Anonymous said...

Fine! :P Just bought at work. Haven't seen any trailers or whatnot (as i'd get strange looks from ppl in the office) and buying purely on your recommendation.(The fact it's barely over a tenner helped).

Hope it's good :P

Anonymous said...

Fluffing hell Lewie that looks teh AWESOME! :D I need this game! I think the devs might have played Rez once or twice ;). Thanks for the link and video.

Dave said...

This looks so weird that I must have it. Sold!

LewieP said...

You won't be disappointed, honest.

It's very rez-esque, and has a bit of a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

The rumble pack expansion really enhances it alot too, again much like REZs dual shock beat vibrations.