Geometry Wars: Galaxies, DS - £9.99

Geometry Wars: Galaxies, DS - £9.99 delivered

As I said on the Wii post, I've got this, got it for pretty cheap around launch, and can't recommend it enough.

It comes with a version of 'Retro Evolved', the XBLA/PC version of Geometry wars, but the meat of the game if the fantastic Galaxies section, which features a whole host of levels which all mix up the rules, and some RPG light elements.

It's a must own at a tenner.


Anonymous said...

I bought the wii version for £15 a while ago. Think it's worth getting this version aswell for a tenner?

LewieP said...

Yeah, from what I gather, the galaxies section is just more of the same across the two versions, and having the DS version even unlocks some exclusive content on the Wii version (and/or visa versa?).

It's a great buy for a tenner.

LewieP said...

Link was broken. Fixed now.