Second Sight, Xbox - £3.50

Second Sight, Xbox - £3.50 delivered

Great game, really nice narrative, from the guys behind the Timesplitters series.

Avoid reading the synopsis on CEX though, one of the game's strong points is the narrative, and it kind of ruins it.


Bill said...

Aye, I second this.

I played it on the GC, and at this price It's a bargain.

Whilst it might appear very generic it actually has a really rather great plot carrying it. And it's nice and short In A Good Way.

At £3.50 you can't go wrong.

Mark said...


I heartily recommend the game and also not reading the synopsis on the CeX page which utterly spoils the plot, which I thought was pretty clever. Tsk.

LewieP said...

Good point, I updated the post, thanks!