People need to stop using for anything

A friend of mine wanted to send me a bunch of files in a .rar archive. He uploaded it to and then emailed me the link.

Now, the 2 minute wait was annoying, but I could deal with it. The fact that the counter measured time in decimal minutes (ie, It went from 2.0 minutes to 1.9 minutes) irked me, but I could get past it. The fact that the download page timed out several times because I forgot to go right back to it after exactly 2.1 minutes because *gasp* I was doing something on another page was just an example of bad web design.

After that came the final straw:

Does it hurt anyone else's brains? It certainly hurts mine. Maybe it's because I am dyslexic, but whatever, this is inconvenient and in my opinion flat out stupid. This is the year 2008, the internet should be way beyond this kind of thing by now. Megaupload might have a lot of advertising, but around 30-60 second waiting times and a simple 3 letter captcha make it far more usable, and I have never had any problems with it.

I implore you to never upload anything to Rapidshare, and if anyone knows of any better sites for uploading files I would love to hear some suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I use for work. Best one going I reckon. One click download, no waits, plus it's even got an outlook plugin that sends large attachments by their service. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

People need to stop calling for boycotts over trivial things. It's how they're coping with bots.

LewieP said...

Right, but there are a whole bunch of better alternatives that don't inconvenience users to such a great degree.

I just hate the idea of stupid hurdles being put in the way of users and the people uploading stuff might not realise the type of captcha rapidshare use.

Who knows where this trend could lead.

Anonymous said...

Another good one to use is MediaFire if it's under 100mb. It is usually really fast and maxes out my connection. No real waiting times either.

Equilibrium Ablaze said...

I agree, MediaFire is the best file hosting web site out there.