Xbox 360 price drop!

Amazon have jumped the gun on the 14th of March price drop, and have already reduced their prices.

Xbox 360 Elite - £249.99 delivered
Xbox 360 Premium - £189.99 delivered
Xbox 360 Arcade - £149.99 delivered

You can also get Forza 2, Viva Piñata and an extra wireless controller for £25 with any console.

Update: Amazon have just put their prices back up, maybe they got a slap on the wrist off Microsoft for breaking the street date of the price drop, who knows.

Anyway, this pretty much confirms that a price drop is on the way in the next few days, I'll update as soon as it happens for reals.

Update2: Major Nelson has now confirmed the price drop for the UK, aparently the new pricing is -
Xbox 360 Elite - £259.99
Xbox 360 Pro - £199.99
Xbox 360 Arcade – £159.99

These match the RRP of what Amazon was showing, but Amazon discounted them by £10. This new prices are to be effective of the 14th.


Unknown said...

Prices put back up on Amazon now.