Get the new Nine Inch Nails album.

And that's an order.

Head to and get the new 4 part NIN album.

There are several way to get it -

Free for part 1 (DRM-free download including artwork),

$5 for the complete album (DRM-free download including artwork),

$10 (+international shipping of around $12) for a 2-disc copy and 16-page booklet, (also includes download)

$75 for Hardcover fabric slipcase, 2-disc + Data DVD (multi track) + Blu Ray

I went for the $5 download, and it is fantastic, all instrumental, and wonderful. If you don't like/have never heard Nine Inch Nails then this is a must have.


Anonymous said...

Didnt know you were a NIN fan. Managed to get the $300 version, cant wait.

LewieP said...

Yep, can't get enough of NIN. Was little let down by NiggyTardust, considering what it could have been, but Ghosts is fantastic (on my second listen) and it's very exciting from a business standpoint.

Which Anonymous is this then?

Anonymous said...

Niggy Tardust was great, did you know some of the tracks were unused parts from The Fragile? Skin of a drum and banged and blown through are two of them and i think there is more.

Im just a regular reader of you excellent bargins page. : )

LewieP said...


Well, I did really like it, but I think I just expected more to come out of a partnership of two of my favourite artists for completely different reasons, and all in all I prefer Saul's previous album. It's still damn good though.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Rock band and the NIN DLC? MOTP, the perfect drug and the collector should be amazing. If only it had a uk release date.

Joe said...

It's intresting that this was released with so little fanfare. Gald to see you advertising it, Viceroy.