Persona 3, PS2 - £21.55

Persona 3, PS2 - £21.55 delivered

Apply code "PP-02-DISCOUNT" for 2% off.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd comment that my anti virus decided today that this site was a phishing site for some reason... No idea why it chose today after months of visiting to say that.

LewieP said...

Hmm, that's really odd. Which anti virus software are you using? and what did it specifically say? I have never had any problems with PowerPlayDirect.

Anonymous said...

I actually meant this blogspot when I visit to check up. I'm using Kaspersky. It's strange that it'd think after months it's a phising site. Mozilla/Firefox doesn't think it's a phising site though, otherwise that'd have given me their noisy little phising message. Never had a problem with powerplay either, just slow delivery.