Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Xbox - £8.00

Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Xbox - £8.00 delivered

great price for this relatively rare, fantastic 2D fighter.


Bill said...

Tis no link my dear friend.

What a to do!

Hope Glasto was fun.

LewieP said...

whoopsie, obviously still a bit of pear cidre in my system.

Glasto was fantastic, I got to go onstage with Iggy and the Stooges, and I blagged hospitality access.

Fix'd the link, but sadly since I noticed it, it is now out of stock (there was only 1 in the first place...)

Keep an eye out on the link, and I will try to repost it if it gets restocked.

Bill said...

Lucky fucker!

At least you got back. My house mates are still mia.

Cheers man.

LewieP said...

Are they getting the coach home?

My last shift as an oxfam steward was 11pm to 7am stewarding the coaches, and it was basically 8 hours of people hurling abuse at me for the lack of organisation with the coaches. By the end of the shift it felt like a refugee camp (I spent the last hour walking around handing out ponchos)

I met the onsite journalist for the Telegraph when I was chilling in the press area, and then saw him waiting for the coaches, he says that he intendes on printing alot of negative feedback in print.

Bill said...

They drove, and finally turned up.

I have friend who writes for the guardian guide actually, and he left in the night so he missed it, but he said loads of people he knows are going to attack the state of it all.

Hey ho, maybe I'll actually get chance to go next time.