Prey, Xbox 360 - £8.99

Prey, Xbox 360 - £8.99 delivered

use code "mufc001" for free p&p


Anonymous said...

Here's a pretty obscure one, I'm looking for a cheap copy of Rygar for the PS2. It's an interesting God of War style game with an awesome shield like weapon with blades attached to an extending chain.

Keep up the good work, this is possibly the best game bargain site ever. I appreciate all the time you put in to keep it updated with the latest deals.

LewieP said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying my blog, if you want to show your appreciation please spread it to all your friends, I want to try and get these bargains to the widest audience possible.

Anyway, best deal I can find on Rygar is £6 delivered.

I'm really looking forwards to the Wii version too, I might pick this up in anticipation.