Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive - £13

Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive - £13 delivered

You have to go through, but a UK Amazon account will work, and the menus are pretty intuitive. The HD-DVD drive is region free, although you will need to get a new power supply, or an adapter.

It won't work with Maestro cards (sadly) otherwise I would have ordered one at this price.

Let me know if you have any problems with the process.

Thanks to Mike for the tip off.


Duds said...


Anonymous said...

i dont own a 360, but isnt this a great deal?

LewieP said...

It's a superb deal, they were £110 not too long ago.

I mean, they are not hugely useful in the long term, since no new HD-DVDs are coming out, but there are a tonne of great HD movies that are HD_DVD exclusive for the time being, and there are a few other really great (but specific) uses for it too.

It's worth it even if you are just going to watch regular DVDs on it, since it saves wear on the internal 360 drive.

Duds said...

HD-DVD and blu ray disks are, by and large exactly the same quality video.

HD-DVD disks are very cheap now.

It's unquestionably worth it if it hadn't already expired.