Army of Two, Xbox 360 - £14.99

Army of Two, Xbox 360 - £14.99 delivered

Scene It! Lights Camera Action, Xbox 360 - Review

Scene It! Lights Camera Action, Xbox 360 - £17.79 delivered
£14.99 in-store pickup at Argos

Review By Willeth

Some of you might be surprised to find this here - it's not exactly a triple-A title. I bought it on a whim from GAME at £20 a couple of months ago so that I could have something to play with the family instead of monopolising the TV, and so far I've been very impressed.

It contains a wide variety of game modes, whether they're actor/film recogition, movie trivia, observation, and so on - I imagine all the modes from the DVD game, and perhaps a few more that would only be possible with a game pad. And most important of all, it saves the questions that each person has seen individually, so that whenever you play it with any combination of people it should give you a question that nobody has seen before. In practice this works most of the time, but there are some modes that appear fairly often but have only a few questions, so you run through those particular ones fairly quickly.

The 'Big Button Pad' works very well, also. Four are included, and they work much in the same manner as the Buzz! controller - unfortunately, they work via infra-red rather than Microsoft's proprietary RF. What is quite handy, however, is that the larger button on the controller also functions as a D-pad, meaning that it can be used to play games like Uno (or any game where only the D-pad and face buttons are required) single-handed. The upcoming Xbox Dashboard update will also support these pads for their Primetime quiz shows, and while I wouldn't recommend buying the game specifically for that, it's a nice bonus.

It is, of course, solely movie-based, and there are no other trivia games available, with none on the horizon except Scene It! Box Office Smash later this year. This means that if there is one person in the group who is particularly up on their movie knowledge, you'll have a hard time to find a leveller - and there is no handicap option. The game does try to do some of this for you, for example by rewarding players for the most incorrect answers, and a multiplier round at the end which rewards you for consistency. While this might feel tacked-on, thankfully it never feels like the game is cheating you out of a win, a la Mario Party. It's also fairly heavily weighted towards more modern movies, which means that your parents may struggle (like mine), although there are movies from as far back as the 1950s peppered throughout.

Luckily, these down points don't seem to matter so much. Even though she loses with shocking regularity, my mother now accepts the 360 being in the lounge, so that whenever we want we can set up a round of Scene It and have a family game together. Usually every night. I'm not entirely sure that this is a good thing.

Scene It! Lights Camera Action, Xbox 360 - £17.79 delivered
£14.99 in-store pickup at Argos (thanks to Numan1617 for the Argos tip)

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