Replacement Game Cases

As Woolworths are going into administration, they are selling off all of their fixtures and fittings as they are closing down each store. At my local store (Macclesfield) display cases were being sold at four for a pound but this may vary depending on location.

As well as regular black single, double, and double-wide DVD cases there were giant boxes of white (Wii), translucent green (Xbox 360) and blue (PS2) DVD display cases, as well as DS, Blu-Ray and PSP cases. If you have any cases that need replacing or if you just want a case for Wii Sports instead of a cardboard sleeve, it might be worth popping in.

I would be remiss if I didn't also link The Cover Project for replacing any game sleeves that have been damaged, as well.

Pokémon Pearl, DS - £12.97

Pokémon Pearl, DS - £12.97 delivered

Moto GP 08, Xbox 360 - £19.98

Moto GP 08, Xbox 360 - £19.98 delivered

Battalion Wars 2, Wii - £9.98

Battalion Wars 2, Wii - £9.98 delivered