New Podcast RSS

If you use RSS to get the podcast then please note there is a new feed. This feed only contains the podcast and not the rest of the SavyGamer content. It is not a replacement for the main site feed - that will continue to exist - but if you only want the podcast, then there is a now a separate feed for that.

This is because some podcatchers read feeds in a way that expects only rich media files, and if there are a significant amount of posts in between podcast posts the podcatcher will only see the most recent episode. As SavyGamer sees a ton of posts per week this means that this was happening with our podcast, and so if anyone wanted to listen to an old episode they couldn't do it through RSS or iTunes.

So there you have it - choose which feed is more appropriate for you. If you want to see all the site content, then continue to use this feed. If you only want the podcast through RSS, then use this one.

If you use iTunes then you do not need to change your feed subscription at this time, but will need to once iTunes lists our new feed in order to retrieve the older episodes.


LittleBigPlanet, PS3 - £34.89

LittleBigPlanet, PS3 - £34.89 delivered

Preorder, released on October 24th.