Dawn of War Shenanigans on Steam

In case anyone is thinking of buying the Dawn of War complete pack on Steam, I'd suggest you take pause for a moment.

The pack costs £32.46, and comes with DOW1: Gold Edition, Dark Crusade, Soulstorm and DOW2.

The individual components bought separately cost:
DOW1: Platinum Edition (Gold + Dark Crusade) - £8.49
Soulstorm - £8.49
Dawn of War 2 - £9.99

A total of £26.97, a whole £5.49 cheaper than buying the package deal.

I think THQ need to hire a new person to be responsible for their Steam pricing. Cheers to @Driaden for the tip off on this.


frymaster said...

the pack has no discount on it, whereas the platinum pack (which has dow gold + dark crusade) does

ArtyArt said...

Wait, there is a person responsible for THQ's pricing policies? I always thought it was a monkey with a calculator...

LewieP said...

They gave it a calculator?

Anonymous said...

I was actually doing the math in my head right now and figured, do I really need Soulstorm.

Anyways, thanks for the details.