Civilization IV [Complete], PC - £7.73

Civilization IV [Complete], PC - £7.73 delivered

Comes with Warlords and Beyond the Sword, but not Colonization.


Heliocentric said...

You can get it from (not uk) for £3.60. Or does this have expansions?

LewieP said...

Whoops, yes, post is meant to say "Civ4 Complete", will fix that now, cheers.

Phil Armstrong said...

Whilst excellent, this is the version with Securom, for those who care about such things: My XP install is only ever used for games anyway, so it's not the end of the world from my POV.

There's another version of Civ 4 complete that doesn't have securom out there IIRC: the cover has a red instead of a white stripe across the top according to the stuff I've read online.