Fable II: Episode 1, Xbox 360 - Free

Fable II: Episode 1, Xbox 360 - Free

The first episode of Fable II has just gone up on Live. Essentially you get a portion of the game as an extended demo, and you can buy the additional episodes a la carte from inside the game. Note that this is no different to the disc version of Fable II.

If you like the free episode, the cheapest price for the disc version is £15.91 here, which works out a lot cheaper than buying each episode individually.


odiedodie said...

not really a sale/bargain though

Will Templeton said...

It's essentially a fifth of the game for free. I think that's worthy of note. It's not like posting this prevented another deal from being posted.

Adam said...

Shame there isn't an option to buy the whole thing for the presumed price of £33.

I don't like the DRM implications of owning four separate chapters of a game instead of the whole thing.