Direct2Drive £5 game sale: Week 3

The next round of games are up on D2D, this week it's RPGs.

There are a few classic RPGs available. Like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Penumbra...

Here's the full selection.

We aren't allowed to have Neverwinter Nights 2 or Assassin's Creed, they are only for the USA people.

I've updated the "Games to not buy any time soon" list accordingly.


Aaron said...

You can buy a few titles (elven legacy and some of the mmo's) from the USA site, so that saves a pound and a few pence.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway of getting them from the American site? Everytime I attempt to get to D2D US it just redirects me.

Persus-9 said...

The only way I can think of without a contact in the US is through a proxy but you'd have to be crazy to send payment details over a proxy. I suppose you could take the risk of buying it using paypal over a proxy then immediately log into your paypal account and change the password but for the sake of a few games I'm not going to take the risk particularly when it's almost certainly against Direct2Drives terms and conditions.

I can't think of any other way of doing it that wouldn't require someone on the ground helping.

Such a shame because these sales are proving pretty awesome in the USA and very meh over here.

Heliocentric said...

In the top right of the d2d page there are a choose your area buttons. They look like flags.


Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks.

Do they except sterling, and if so, will it work on my PC?

Anonymous said...

@ Persus-9:

You seem not to be aware of one of the wonders of technology: cryptography

Your connection to d2d and paypal is secure, meaning that even someone evasdropping or manipulating the connection can't obtain your username,password,creditcardnumber or whatever you are sending.

Persus-9 said...

@ Anon: No, I don't think so. I'm fairly certain the level of security will depend on the nature of the proxy. If you can point me in the direction of a free proxy that provides a proper secure connection then please do so because I've yet to find one. I'm no expert on these things but the fact D2D has to be fooled into thinking the secure connection is not with my computer but with the proxy will surely introduces a huge security flaw.

Anonymous said...

@ Perseus 9

Under the assumption that you can use a https connection over your proxy (for example using TOR with an US-exit node):

Although D2D does only see the IP-Adress of the Proxy, the https-connection is between you and the D2D-server. The proxy only forwards the encrypted packets it receives from you, it can neither open nor manipulate them.

In the realworld, this would be like this:
D2D gives free locks with their stamp on it to everyone (so you have one and you can verify that it really comes from D2D). Only D2D has the keys to this locks though, so you can lock something with it but not unlock it.

You pack your credit-card number, billing address and all that stuff into a box and lock it with one of the D2D-locks. Nobody except D2D can open it now.

As you can't give the box to D2D directly, because the reception clerk doesn't like british people. But you can give it to an american friend of yours (the proxy) who then gives it to D2D.
Thus the proxy can do whatever he wants to your package, he will never get your data out of it.

For more details, look up

Only problem might be that D2D maybe only accepts US credit cards (they don't accept my non-US paypal account for US-only titles).