Cheeky lil' GAME scam v2

Update: It appears that it is not the order you add items to your basket that matters, but the item number, IE "339837" for Modern Warfare 2, that matters. The item with the smaller number will receive the £5 off. If MW2 is no good, just look around the site for an item expensive enough that has a bigger number than whatever you are after. have got another £5 off off £50 voucher, this time it is "lastminute09".

Like last time, this can be exploited for nefariousness means.

First, go to and pick something that you want to buy, then add it to your basket. It is important you add the item you want first.

Then add a game preorder that pushes the total to above £50 (Modern Warfare 2 will work).

Then go you your basket, and apply the coupon "lastminute09", and you should get £5 off the first item in your basket.

Complete the order.

Then go to your order history, and remove the preorder. You should then have the original item with £5 off, without having to spend a £50 total.

Some suggestions of to good items to get discounted, and the price you'll end up paying:

Xbox 360
2100 MS Points - £11.99
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership - £29.99
Play and Charge kit - £9.99 Black/White
Guitar Hero: World Tour - £14.98
Stranglehold - £2.99
Pure - £4.99
Oblivion and Bioshock - £19.99
Fallout 3 Game of the Year - £24.99

Guitar Hero: World Tour - £14.98
Killzone 2 - £12.99
Saints Row 2 - £9.99
SOCOM Confrontation - £9.99
Fallout 3 Game of the Year - £24.99

Opoona - £4.99
Death Jr.: Root of Evil - £4.99
Castlevania: Judgement - £14.99
Crossing: Lets Go to the City - £17.99

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure - £9.99
Advance Wars: Dark Conflict - £7.99
Ninjatown - £4.98
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - £9.99
Space Invaders Extreme 2 - £12.99
The Legend of Kage 2 - £12.99
Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen - £4.99

Resistance: Retribution - £7.99
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - £9.99

Left4Dead - £9.99
Empire: Total War - £9.99 (or £14.99 for the Special Forces edition)
Blood Bowl - £19.99
Ghostbusters - £14.99
Penumbra Collection - £12.99
Oblivion and Bioshock - £9.99
Bioshock - £4.99
Thief: The Complete Collection - £4.99
Star Wars Republic Commando - £4.78
2 for £25 (now 2 for £20)
2 for £15 (now 2 for £10)


Anonymous said...

Not 100% sure what you mean by "go to order history" but I tried going back via the browser, plus using "edit your basket" and removing it that way. Unfortunately, it's not kept the discount either way.

Possibly they've fixed it? (I was using the MW2 pre-order btw)

Thanks anyway though Lewie ;)


LewieP said...

Other people seem to be reporting success. Are you sure you followed the instructions correctly?

Xenochria said...

Worked for me.

Alastayr said...

They either fixed it pretty fast or the trick doesn't work for me as I'm on the continent, thus incurring a shipping fee.
The discount will be applied to the more expensive item (MW2 in this case) and even switching the order doesn't work. Tried to get L4D this way as my local version is cut.
Case in point I now have 8 cancelled items in my newly opened account.

Markusdragon said...

You have to 'pay' (or, rather, commit to pay) for both items, and then cancel the preorder before the the payment goes through, Owen.
It works because GAME's voucher system applies the £5 discount to the first half of a split order, and doesn't take the rest into consideration even after it's cancellation.

Xenochria said...

2100 points for £11.99 has just been despatched. Oh yes.

x25killa said...

Also works on pre-owned xbox 360 games as well.

Normal price: £8
Use code: -£5
Price after code: £3!!!

x25killa said...

Looks like someone brought all the £10 voucher cards for £5 each.

Anonymous said...

Well, it worked once for me, but now when i try to get a 15 pound game voucher this way (the 10 pounds sold out >.<) i cancel the preorder for the game and it auto cancels the other part of the split order... says "when you cancel this order, order number blahblahblah/1 will also be cancelled"

Anonymous said...

Tried four times but couldn't get it to work. Was trying to get Killing Floor for £9.99 using Modern Warfare 2: Hardened Edition for the Xbox 360

Anonymous said...

I got it to work by preordering three items - and making the most expensive one the one I actually wanted.

Cancelled the other two items, and I've retained the discount.

I like other people have a bunch of cancelled orders in my game account now - the order in which you add them to the basket doesn't matter - you get the discount on the most expensive one.

Anonymous said...

So I did get this to work in the end. Sorry Lewie but even though you said "Complete the order" I for some reason assumed I could remove the pre-order BEFORE paying. Doh.

So yes, it did indeed work.

Incidentally I also got the message saying "cancelling this will also cancel the first part of your order, as it is linked". However, it doesn't actually DO it ;) Hence this works.

Thanks Lewie and again apologies for my earlier mix-up.


Anonymous said...

no longer working
My split orders have now been
"held" rather than "committed" or "pending"
and... are "awaiting authorisation"
which doesnt sound too good :P