Fallout 3 add on content

Now, I have not done this myself, but everything I have heard about it is that this should work.

You can buy the Fallout 3 expansions from live if you like, or you can buy them on a retail disc. If you get the retail version, it installs onto your hard drive, then you use the Fallout 3 disc like normal.

This means that once you've installed the disc, you don't need it any more.

I suggest if you want the fallout DLC, the best thing to do would be get together a group of mates who want it, and split the costs between you, and just pass the disc round. Then when you are done with them, ebay them. You should be able to get the add on content for next to nothing.

This is all on the 360, I have no idea if it works the same for the PC version. Does anyone know?

Xbox 360
The Pitt & Operation Anchorage - £12.99 delivered
Broken Steel & Point Lookout - £11.73 delivered

The Pitt & Operation Anchorage - £11.73 delivered
Broken Steel & Point Lookout - £9.99 delivered

That said, anyone got a copy of the first expansion on the 360 that they could lend me?


Anonymous said...

Or you could just pirate it. It's about as morally sound.

Anonymous said...

In any case, the retail versions just give you a code that allows you to download the content don't they? So this wouldn't work.

Persus-9 said...

@ Anonymous: Not quite. I think in the grand scheme of things it's morally slightly better than buying on the normal 2nd hand market (which is turn is probably slightly better than piracy) since it at least getting together with some mates to buy it definitely generates a sale.

It is rather still morally suspect but there is a line between what Lewie is suggesting and piracy. In fact it's the exact line the law takes so it's probably quite a popular one considering how many people think 'legal' and 'moral' are synonyms.

Personally I think it's a bit too dodgy for me for this content. I'm certainly willing to buy 'Broken Steel & Point Lookout' 1st hand so I think I probably have a moral obligation to do so.

LewieP said...

I don't think it counts as piracy if the publisher is specifically letting you do.

odiedodie said...

Do you not think the DLC is worth it?

If one does the buy and pass on method of Fallout DLC then the Devs will be making less money.

Its a damn good game which has given me hundreds of hours of gameplay
- when do most people say that.

Its reasons like that why most devs dont do disk based DLC and just fire out crap in the hopes that fools pay for it.

But... whatever

Wild Bill said...

But these boxes just contain codes to download the content once anyway don't they? That's why on the box it says downloadable content. Or am I wrong there?

I don't see the publishers putting out installable disc content that can be so obviously 'shared' in this way.

Jeeva said...

On a related, cheeky, note: Games rental sites such as boomerang (?), swapgame etc offer this disc as a rental.

...and, as it happens, it appears to be taken advantage of- the latest dlc disc was on the "Hot-rental-may-not-be-available" list. Or whatever. So probably not just a code.