Cheeky lil' GAME scam currently have a voucher going (LEALTA09), £5 off off £50 spend.

This can be exploited for nefariousness means.

First, go to and pick something that you want to buy, then add it to your basket.

Then add a game preorder that pushes the total to above £50 (Modern Warfare 2 will work).

Then go you your basket, and apply the coupon "LEALTA09", and you should get £5 off the first item in your basket.

Complete the order.

Then go to your order history, and remove the preorder. You should then have the original item with £5 off, without having to spend a £50 total.

Some suggestions as to good items to get discounted, and the price you'll end up paying:

2100 MS Points - £11.99
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership - £29.99
Guitar Hero: World Tour, Xbox 360 - £14.98
Guitar Hero: World Tour, PS3 - £14.98
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, DS - £7.98
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Directors Cut, Wii - £14.98
Persona 4, PS2 - £7.98
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, DS - £7.98
Resistance: Retribution, PSP - £9.98
Advance Wars: Dark Conflict - £4.98 (preowned)
Mirror's Edge, Xbox 360 - £2.98 (preowned)
Mirror's Edge, PS3 - £2.98 (preowned)
Bangai'O Spirits, DS - 98p!!!

Thanks to Paulando for the tip off, and this is a little bit naughty, so don't tell them you heard from me ;D


Krondonian said...

I tried this, with Modern Warfare 2 as the preorder, but after cancelling that it said the order had been split. The game I wanted then showed up at the usual price.

Not sure if I did something wrong then?

(I was getting Mirrors Edge for £5, as Trackmania United Forever was out of stock. If you someone can get this to work by the time it's restocked, you can grab it for free!)

dancingcrab said...

I tried, but had a similar problem as the previous poster. No luck.

Whilst I'm writing, I ought to say that your email address doesn't appear to be working, Mr SavyGamer! I sent you a link to Tomb Raider Underworld (PC) for £6.98 on GAME several times, but it kept getting bounced back...

LewieP said...

I've been trying to fix the email problem, no idea what is causing it.

Will post that up now, thanks!

Most emails seem to be getting through, if you can't contact me via email, there is always twitter @lewiep and facebook on the right of the homepage too.

S said...

Yup same MW2 ended up with the £5 off. Any help would be appreciated.

LewieP said...

I think that whichever item is added to your basket first is the one that gets the £5 off. So add the item you want, then MW2, then the code. Seems to work fine for me still.

Chad Sexington said...

My discount only stayed on Modern Warfare 2, but I'm happy to pay £39.99 for that (cheaper than anywhere else and you get reward points).

matt said...

Worked for me: added Henry Hatsworth, then MW2, completed order (important) then edited order to remove MW2

matt said...

Just tried it again with some 2100 MS points, and it didn't work. Tried it with the same items a second time and it worked. Weird.

Mayhem said...

Code's been disabled now, guess too many people were exploiting it!

matt said...

They've revoked the code

Jacob said...

Yeah the code doesn't work any more. Dammit :(

uglifruit said...

Although this has evidently now finished, I just wanted to say thanks - I got Broken Sword Director's Cut (Wii) for £15. A game I have been waiting to drop below the magic £20 figure.

Thanks for the good work.