Rock Band: Song Pack 2, Xbox 360 - £17.99

Rock Band: Song Pack 2, Xbox 360 - £17.99 delivered

This pack contains 20 songs on the disc, and also comes with download codes to let you put the songs on your hard drive.

Songs on Rock Band cost 160 MS Points, so based on the cheapest MS Points currently available, that is roughly 96p per track. Based on the RRP for MS Points, it is £1.36.

This track pack comes with 20 songs, at £17.99. So that is roughly 90p per track.

The downside is that obviously you don't get to pick and choose which songs you get. But you can also sell on/trade in the disc once you have downloaded the songs.

It's kind of ridiculous that it costs significantly more to get Harmonix to send you some ones and zeros than it does to get them to package up a disc, ship it to a retailer, give the retailer a profit margin, and then post it to you. I guess it is a symptom of the immaturity of the market for DLC.


LlamaFarmer said...

I guess their argument would be that it allows people who don't have their 360 connected to the net to buy the songs at roughly the same price as those who do.

I completely agree with you, companies told everyone that digitally distributing games and DLC would allow them to reduce overheads and therefore the price. Instead, they can use it to control prices, keep them higher for longer and reduce their costs to maximise profits.

This is why apart from 360 arcade/indie PC/Wiiware etc I still don't feel comfortable downloading games, too pricey and nothing to trade in if you don't like it.