The BBC really love Halo

The BBC decided that as part of their "Big Gaming Weekend", they would conduct a pointless poll to compile a ranked list of the best games ever, to help us decide whether Football Manager 2009 is objectively better than Tetris (it is).

However, they seem to have slipped up a bit, so let's all take the opportunity to point and laugh.

Halo is not only the 25th best game ever, it is also the 39th best game ever. Mario Kart 64 must be pretty confused, being halfway inbetween Halo and Halo.

The list can be seen here. Let's see how long it takes to percolate through the Twitterverse back to the BBC hivebrain.

Cheers to Ram Raider for the tip off.


Anonymous said...

They also list Mario Kart and Super Mario Kart. They probably meant Mario Kart Wii with the first one, though.

Matthew said...

Lies. Tetris is miles better than FM.