Cheap MS Points! Go go go!

HMV are selling MS Points for £9.99. I am 99% certain that these are 2,100 points cards, since apart from the special edition ones, like the Lost and Damned ones, that is the smallest size they come in. And they are reduced from £17.99, the rrp for 2,100 points.

MS Points - £9.99

They are in stock, and ready for shipping in 24 hours. Also, if you've been to McDonalds recently and got some of the HMV vouchers from there, they can also be used online for this purchase.

UPDATE 8:30PM: Looks like these were a misprice, as they are now adding to the cart at £17.99. Hope you got in there while you could if you wanted some, and here's hoping they'll honour it.


Xbox 360 Accessory - Official Microsoft Points Card - Completely shipped. Shipped Date - 20/04/2009 £9.99x3. £29.97

Looks like they are honouring at least some of them. Let us know if you get them too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks!

odiedodie said...


am cry

Matthew said...

Curse my metal body, I wasn't fast enough!

Mr. Davies said...

I managed to get one in time, thanks!

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't have had to sign up, I would have got one. :(

Anonymous said...

I ordered mine at £9.99 a set. Then got an email saying I was being charged £17.99. HMV can fuck off and die of AIDS of the cock and arse and face. I hope they go cunt up like Zavvi. Fuck you and your outdated business model you dozey fucks.