Burnout Paradise, Trivial Pursuit & Connect 4, Xbox 360 - £14.07

Burnout Paradise, Trivial Pursuit & Connect 4, Xbox 360 - £14.07 delivered

Apply code "COOL 12" for 12% off.

That's Burnout Paradise (I think it's The Ultimate Box too), Trivial Pursuit and the XBLA Connect 4 for £14.07. Hell of a bargain.

I ordered it. Willeth will be happy.

Update: I am like 99% sure it is The Ultimate Box version of Burnout Paradise, which includes all the free updates on the disc, and the Party pack DLC.

Update2: I am now 100% sure it is The Ultimate Box, since it just arrived at my door.


Duds said...

How can you be sure of that? The site doesn't even say it's Burnout P, it could be Burnout Revenge.

LewieP said...

It's more than likely based on this package, but without the controller.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to go for this, but I don't see any mention of Connect 4? It just says "Burnout and Trivial Double Bundle" is that the right deal?

LewieP said...

Yeah that's the right one.

SoftUK are giving away a code for Connect 4 with all 360 games at the minute, Details here.

Helloween said...

100% Burnout Ultimate box. Came this morning. Thanks man!

SpunkyMonkey said...

Finally a great price for the Ultimate Box. It even has free crap.

How long is SoftUK delivery, I've never used them?

James said...

Does anyone how Burnout comes? i.e. is it in its own box, or does it come in box shared with trivial pursuit?

LewieP said...

I ordered it very late on Wednesday night, and it arrived on Friday morning.

It comes in one case, with two discs and two manuals.