Ahahaha! How much?!?!?

GamersGate have got Ubisoft's pretty terrible "Prince of Persia" on the PC for £44.96.

Just shy of £45 quid.

The same game is available for £11.99 (with an exclusive sleeve, no less) elsewhere.

H.A.W.X., EndWar and Far Cry 2 are all £44.96 too.

Or £17.99, £14.99 and £9.99 (with free DLC, which is an extra £4.49 on GamersGate).

Buying all four of these games from GamersGate would cost £179.84, buying retail versions of the same games would be £54.96, less than a third of the price.

Who do we blame? Ubisoft or GamersGate?

I'm not too sure, but I am sure of one thing. Do not buy these games from GamersGate.

GamersGate also have one of the worst deals I have ever seen available too. Legendary for £44.99.


Mr-Brett said...

Prince of Persia is far from "pretty terrible", it isn't 'brillant' but that doesn't mean its bad.

As for the prices, yes they are terrible and for some reason this seams to be the case with all download services (except when there are sales on steam).

Anonymous said...

isn't it the same with most download shops? just look at steam. None of the games is worth 49,99 € or more to me.

Rei Onryou said...

You want to see a bad deal? My local HMV has Tabula Rasa still on sale at full price. That's right, a game that no longer exists at full price.

What's worse is that they also have the Collector's Edition for £50!!!