One Life Left @ Nordic Game

One Life Left did a special live broadcast from Nordic Game Festival in Malmö, Sweden yesterday, including hosting the Nordic game awards. Various developers make appearances throughout.

Recording can be found here, It's in 3 parts -

Thanks go to Densy at The Triforce forums for recording and hosting.

Be sure to listen to the pre-amble, it's totally the best part. It's a bit rought and ready, because of the live nature of the broadcast, but it's a highly enjoyable listen.


uglifruit said...

Great stuff. I am always working in the evenings so 'listening live' is never an option.

Do you happen to have links to any of the 'retro listening' ones Densy has been doing?

[also thanks for some great bargains recently, you have been costing me/saving me loads.]

LewieP said...

Glad you like the blog!

Sadly I don't have any links, I've been far to busy lately to listen to many podcasts.

I bet that if you send him a PM he'll be able to hook you up though.